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gungirl by lee-337 gungirl by lee-337
illustration,concept art,comic
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Grahamhorridge68 Featured By Owner May 10, 2016
Magnetohydrodynamic Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
You ought to practice perspectives more, you're near perfection, just go for it :)!
MONSTA-E Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
i see u pay a lot of attention to detail lol. especially the clothes and the guns man good work
wytherwing Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008
amazing detail!!
Hells-Blood Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008
Hot as fire!
Art-Of-Concept Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008
looks good.

If you do a lot of concept work you should join my club.
SOULSSHINE Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Very Atonishing Right ...

Another awsome sweet greath chinese artist ....

Well you have here another one -» [link]
You might already know him ....

You are very near to be at his degree in art ...
( but i think you could even be better .. because you dont do fan art ) .....

You have your own comic book production ? isnt that ?

Its alot more productive than just do fan stuff...
In professional self promotional meanings ...

You are considered a "better and more productive professional" ....
Not one more fan ....


Sooo whow....

Well lets just say that , your style is "exactly" the style i need to have for my production Grafic novel book ... in every aspects of it ....

So i reaaly reaaly have to study very deep and very close every single your art ...

So thank you for sharing ...

i do reaaly know how i can achieve same quality as you ... you know ...even so & so i can look at your things and do even same style of art ....

But dam it would take me like 2 weeks or more ...
just to do 1 artwork with your quality art style and tecnique ...

And you are ... working more serious on this just since 2004 isnt ...

So 2 questions i have to ask you ....:

How many hours days , you take to do one of your midle best artworks.

And how old are you pall ? ...
26 ? like ...

And how many years do you have in art ? ...
Well i'm 29 ....
And niçe to meet you Yalee, ....

Been very very good to my Grafic Novel project .... to whatch your style and degree of art

Just to watch your tecnical degree and skill in art ... one learns reaaly alot ...

Thanks so much for sharing with us all your wounderfull art.

Ruben Ismael
RPGSI Studio Producer Ad - SoulsShine online
lee-337 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008
Thank you!!I must say :"sorry,my English is so poor.!!" only can reply your questions with a few words.azazel1944...oh i know him,one of the best artists in China.
Customarily,it take me 20-40 hours to finish an artwork,it is hard for me to do every artwork,hehe,I am 30,older than you.I am an concept artist in an Chinese game company,in these artworks,some are my own,some are company's.
thank you!
very nice to meet you!SOULSSHINE !!
SOULSSHINE Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Hello Yalee!!

Very niçe to meet you !

( sorry also ! i'm also poor of english .. heheeh )^^ Thats something we can share in common ! )

Whow your artwork is awsome! 30 years ! how niçe ! ...

As for me i think you are even better than Azazel ...
You can do alot more, in "more original things" , and not just that, your concept draw, is not just on characters, but also in a strong "storytelling" and action backgrounds and composition.
You are even "more dinamic" not so "stuck for the portrait" art as him xD

So you are even suitable not just for games wallpapering [link] but also for storytelling and grafic novels ...
We have here in deviantart , several good people on that also -» More speed paint mostly. But as dinamic as you in storytelling -» *anry *nebezial *heise ~OmeN2501 *enayla deviantart is reaaly full of greath artists... as much as deviantart is reaaly a niçe international comunity .....

As for tecnique...
hummm i dont know.
As far as i can get. Azazel works it with a very smooth and tiny very low opacity with many layers. Also to achieve its grade one should work with textures brush paint with textures, even skin, or metals , then with very low opacity brush it all over. To achieve that smi painted / but more real aspect of its artworks ....

You know Yalee people dont think so ...
But to do this things ... You need to know alot of "traditional oil painting" smooth blending layering ... -» If you learn some real traditional stuff like renascentism old tecniques - » [link] if you have a cintiq or a digital screen some kind of input , and painter x specialy to mix with Photoshop, and even use non comon tool as deep paint3d, to overlay textures and soft blend colors / texture on a base modeled undertone, you can achieve some almost real things out of your ilustrational paint ...

Well i paint and draw now almost since my 9 years old ... i have 29 ... But i'm still learning alot.
I know that especially "age" and your way of thinking is what makes of you a great artist.


I reaaly realy like chinese tecniques, you people use wacoms and cintiqs , not as just a "digital" medium ...
You reaaly use it like it was one more traditional tool. Using traditional art oriental school tecniques to it.
That makes a huge diference.

You know i'm still learning, i'm a "overlearning person" ... techniques are very important to me i will be trying to aply real old school, 18 century, oil painting tecniques , as flemish, and grisaile and verdetio, real classic not contemporaneal but real soft paint realistic tecniques [link] and try to aply it to the digital paint world [link] , [link] , [link] , [link]

And this days is reaaly possible if you are "overlearned" ... you do from figurative and hand draw .. [link] [link] [link] things as good as traditional ~Raipun

Everything with alot day and night efforts and weeks almost months on it just learning and artworking ...

Well there is alot to learn this days you know ... even when you reach 30 expecialy xD and you have lived more than half of a live being and artist you start to learn more and more and more difficult things to achieve ... things start to be reaaly hard and be more heavy to output you start to take even more hours to do just one image than you ever dreamed XD...

Well for me i will have more 5 years of learning and try to aply all Old school oil painting to digital, expecialy ...

Its reaaly fun how you see yourself learning since holywood digital, to game art to traditional flandres russian, italian, and then also chinese contemporanean ....

As especialy, me i will try to mix all that in a Livetime project mine named SoulsShine Online ... That is a mixed of "Grafic novel" With "Rpg game" ...... you know.


Your art as been something that i identify alot, a key thing for me to see and study deep, to try to aply it to my livetime Rpg Gamebook project ...


Thank you so much for beying also such a generous and niçe person Yalee ...
i found out in a whoole life that Real Greath Artist are just like you, Reaalygenerous simple, humble , kind , reaaly "greath inside" first as person, enouph to be able to learn as much from art and from live everything that make them , Just persons - as you...

Thank you For registering here at DeviantArt is reaaly a Greath present to all us have you here aboard

Been very very deeply niçe to meet you Yalee !

Have a great and happy live outhere !

Thanks so much for beying here !

Ruben Ismael
RPGSI Studio
Light Of Live Editions Prod admin [link]
Coimbra Portugal

SoulsShine Online , Main Producer Author.
ThisAndThatArt Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Sweet pistol, I like it.
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